UK Trips Sept 2015, Jan 2016
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    In September of 2015, I went to Reading, just west of London for a week
    and in January of 2016, I returned for another week.  Due to my actually
    having to work some, I did not get a chance to do too much sightseeing
    but I have been in and about the London area a lot.
    We did walk around Reading at night to see some old neighborhoods and pubs.  This inn had rooms right above
    the pub, but when you opened up the windows for some cool air, you heard the pub noise all night.

      Whats is up with this menu, every time I try to understand it, the monkey gland sauce makes me feel sick.  This
      is one food that I did not try.
    I saw some old friends on both trips.  The drove me around
    some, we went west to Abbey Wood and down to Crawley.
    In Reading, we stayed at a nice old hotel on the Thames River.  Forty miles away in central London,
    the Thames is very wide, with a lot of ship traffic.  In Reading, the Thames is pretty narrow, maybe
    about 100 feet wide.  It is surprising the big change in such as short distance.