This web site is to make it easier to show pictures of vacations and trips that we have made.  It is easier to
put pictures on this site than to email them out to show my family and friends.  I can also add comments and
keep them.  I sometimes forget what year I went on a trip or the names of towns, parks, pubs and people so
this travel journal is made for me also.  

We have been very lucky to get to travel in the US and overseas and these are some of my favorite trip
pictures. Our family vacations are on one page, some other interesting trips I have made for work are on
another page.

We are probably planning our next trip right now!

This is also one of my first web pages, it's not too pretty as I am learning as I go...

I used the Photo Places display on my iPad to show a pin at places where we have been to so far.
Places I have been to

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Also please check back often to see new additions to the site.
Stonedog Files
Have also been to Pacific Rim countries
for work and on vacation
Have been all over western Europe and Scandinavia
as well as North Africa, Middle East and India.
We have been to many states and in
western Canada.  We are still missing a
lot of the central states.  Working on
getting to all 50.
Have made quite a few trips to the
Middle East and Egypt.  Been to India
And finally got to South America, to
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and went To
Costa Rica.  Next on the list is a trip to
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