In March 2012, Felicia, Kendra, Susie, Larry and I went with Steve and Annelise to Taos.  We flew to Albuquerque and rented a giant
Ford SUV to drive to Taos.  I have been to Taos about a dozen time before, but not for many years.  It is a very steep and very hard
mountain to ski on.

There was 100 inches of snow and it had snowed a few days before we got there, but this was Spring skiing and it was starting to
melt fast.  Its hard to get rid of 100 inches of snow though.  I wore less and less layers of clothes each day I skied as the weather
was warm.  Larry started out with a hurt knee and during the trip Felicia nd Steve also hurt their knees.  

On the last day, Kendra and Annelise took snowboard lessons and I skied by myself.  They were both good enough that we were all
skiing the blue trails, which at Taos are pretty tough.  Anyway, the girls said they want to keep on snowboarding next year.  I am glad that
they can ski and snowboard, it gives them more ways to enjoy snow sports so maybe they will ski/snowboard for many years.

We stayed at a pretty unique house that Felicia had found  on VRBO.  We have always had good luck with VRBO but I wondered about
this house when we first got there.  It was designed and built by an artist and is one of the few houses in Taos that are not made of stucco
and painted to look like dry mud.  It was very different but it grew on you, we took a lot of photos as you will see below.  It was also a
good thing that we traded in 2 rental cars for the big SUV as the dirt roads to the house were like a motocross track.
Taos New Mexico Ski Trip March 2012 - Page 1
Susie, Kendra and Annelise and me.

When we took this photo, Felicia, Larry and Steve were all crippled and hobbling around at the bottom mountain.  We skied both sides
of the mountain at Taos and the girls could ski on all of the Blue Trail runs that we hit.
At right is the snow
report from a week or
so before we got to
Taos.  Depth got to
100 inches and stayed
there through the
week we were skiing
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Our cabin was a work
of art.  It looked like
we were in an old west
town somewhere in dry
northern New Mexico.  
Thats right, we were.