Thailand and Singapore Trip May 2011 - Page 1
In May of 2011, Paul Lefebvre, Larry Rexford, Ron Sizemore and I flew to Bangkok, Thailand and worked with the RTAF for 4 days.  Paul and I then went
on to Singapore to work for 4 more days.  It was a long trip but we did get to do some sightseeing in both Bangkok and Singapore.  I took a lot of pictures
and have posted a few here.  Both cities are very hot and humid and Singapore is located right on the equator
We took a 5 hour sightseeing trip in Bangkok to see buddhist shrines and the Royal Palace and then we ended up with a ride up the river on a long, skinny boat.
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At left is the lychee fruit, it was pretty
good.  We also saw dragon fruit,
durians, star fruit, mangosteens

Since I love Thai food, I had a lot in
Bangkok.  Singapore had Thai,
Chinese and Indian food so there
was a lot to choose from
What trip to the mall is complete without eating a roasted
or boiled chicken with the head still on.  I think they used
the feet for appetizers.

At the McDonald's near our hotel in Bangkok you could
get a fried Broccoli Pie for a good price.  I do not think
that would be a big hit for kids here in the US.
There are thousands of street vendors selling food in Bangkok.  
Most of it looks great and smells good, but those food vendors
are a dangerous place for visitors to eat at.   There was even small
boats with burners and pots cooking and selling food right on the
river.  We did not eat at any outdoor stands.  

There are also hundreds of outdoor markets where you can by
any type of food and buy pretty much anything you can imagine
While we were shopping for
some souvenirs we found a
tuk-tuk driver who waited for
us for over an hour while we
drank beer and shopped.  
Three of us got into one tuk-tuk
for a wild ride to the hotel.  I am
glad we got him as I think we were lost.
Travel Security Online                        13 May 2011
Thailand: ‘Red Shirts' to rally in central Bangkok on 19 May to mark anniversary of government crackdown
Supporters of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD, also known as the ‘Red Shirts') are planning to rally on 19 May at Ratchaprasong
intersection in the centre of the capital Bangkok. The demonstration has been organised to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the military's forcible
dispersal of UDD protesters from the intersection; at least 89 people were killed and 2,000 others injured in the unrest.

Travel Advice
•        Normal travel to Bangkok can continue, but personnel should avoid all demonstrations to mitigate the risk of indirect exposure to violence.
•        If you encounter protesters or a large group of security personnel, vacate the area immediately; do not stop to watch or photograph them.
•        Monitor the local media and our website for further developments.
Yes, we did work with our Thailand Rep and the Royal Thai Air Force.  I bought a
camera on base and took pictures of our meeting notice written in Thai.  Between
me and Paul is Lewis Ho, RC Singapore.  By Larry is Joe from Siam Teltech.
Update on Red Shirt protest - it is about 11 PM and you can hear really loud music and noise & on 9th floor of our hotel from the protest outside for the
anniversary of 89 people being killed and 2000 hurt last year.  Hopefully this won't become a riot as there are many thousands of people out there.  
Tonight we could not drive home to our hotel, barricades all over since last night, so we got on an elevated train and then walked up to our hotel from
the back side.  The travel alert said not to stop and look at them or take photos, I will send some pics next week.  If you need some red tee shirts, they
have them on sale all over.  See you next week.
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We saw and ate some strange fruits and saw some foods that we do not
have in Texas!  In Singapore we had BBQ Sting Ray served on a big
banana leaf, very good.
Map of SE Asia Showing Bangkok and Singapore