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Fleetwood Mac in Boston - October 2019

       Living on the Water in Boston Harbor
       For Felicia's birthday in June she got some tickets to go see Fleetwood Mac in convert in Boston on late October.  I bought the tickets,
       she did all of the trip planning after that.  She booked us an unusual place to stay, in a houseboat tied to a dock in Boston Harbor.   It was
       a good place and it rocked you to sleep at night.

       We took a Hop-On Hop-Off tour of Boston but it
       started raining.  So we went from pub to pub to
       wait for rain to end.  That included going to the old
       Cheers sign location across from Boston Commons
       Concert was at TD Garden in downtown Boston, home of the
       Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins,  A lot of good history and
       championships there.

       And Fleetwood Mac was very good!
       We stayed at the Green Turtle, I think through VRBO.  It was nice, and different and had good views of Boston, close to good seafood and I would
       recommend not even getting a car in Boston as it is hard to park.  Also the Green Turtle was about 300 yards from the USS Constitution.

       On our last day in Boston, we drove to old historic
       Boston where Paul Revere was in the Old North
       Church, also went to Bunker Hill
       My mistake, it was good to have a car to drive North from Boston.  
       We went  to Salem just before Halloween and saw a lot of weird
       witches and such.  Then up to Gloucester where the fishing fleets
       leave from and hundreds of missing fishermen are honored.  Then
       we went up to Rockport to get pictures of the ships, shop and eat more