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    In March of 2005, we took a 1 week trip through Italy during Kendra's spring break.  Felicia,
    Kendra, Susie, Larry, myself and Felicia's mother Lily flew into Rome through the UK.  We
    took a tour with Trafalgar Tours.  Our tour group had about 25 people on a nice new bus that
    holds 50 people.  We all had a lot of room and Kendra could sleep on the rear seat.  At 6,
    she was the only kid on the trip and soon had plenty of babysitters.

    The week went really fast, here is the quick itinerary:  Rome for 2 days, drive north through
    Tuscany stopping at Sienna and Pisa, Florence for 2 days, Venice for a day and then long
    trip back to Rome.  Last night in Rome and then fly back to Dallas through Zurich.
    We flew into Rome and met up with our tour director
    from Trafalgar.  His name was Paulo.  Our bus drivers
    name was Paulo and so was the Rome city tour guide.
     Anyway, it was easy to remember names.

    Stayed in Rome our first 2 days and saw the Vatican,
    St. Peters Square, the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain,
    some catacombs, shops, etc.
VIDEO:  See Video of Tour of Italy Route
    Felicia and me at the Vatican.  
    You can see St. Peters Square
    behind me.  A few weeks after
    we were in Rome, Pope John
    Paul II died and we saw all of
    this again on TV.
    Susie and Larry are wined out and looking
    pretty mellow.  Our tour guide said that we
    could drink as much Italian wine as we wanted
    and never get a headache.  Larry and I tried
    hard every night, consuming a lot of bottles,
    and never got a headache.  This picture was
    on our first night in Rome.
See Video:  4 Bottles of WIne
Good Blackmail Video
    Lily and Kendra outside of the Vatican.  
    We did a lot of hiking and sometimes
    these two girls got a little tired, but they
    always kept up.
    Our tour director from Trafalgar was Paolo.  He was
    from Sicily.  He spoke very good English and was very
    patient with us all.  He was especially good with Kendra,
    getting her something to eat that 6 year olds like.
Video of Paulo
    We toured the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel.  
    No they did not let me take a picture in there, I
    copied this out of a book.  Just wanted to say that
    all of the art, tapestries and sculptures were amazing!
    Looking out of our hotel in Rome.  Rome is a very
    crowded city, driving there is not for amateurs.  Many
    of the roads were built 2000 years ago.  One of those
    buses is our Trafalgar bus.  Don't be late for the bus,
    they will leave you behind.
    Don't take my wine.  The best nights
    were when the wine was included for
    free with the dinner.
    Felicia, Larry and Lily looking over
    St. Peters Square.  It is so big and
    busy it leaves you speechless.  So
    much history has happened in Rome.
    Susie and Kendra on one of the
    many columns around St. Peters
    Felicia in front of the Roman
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Itinerary Italy Trip 2005
Itinerary Italy Trip 2005