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Map of Washington State
    In July of 2004 Felicia, Kendra, Larry, Susie and I flew to Seattle for a 2 week tour of the NW part of Washington State.  
    The girls had found us cabins at various places (some quite remote).  As usual, Felicia decided we need to move there
    immediately and started looking for jobs for me at Boeing.  We went south through Tacoma to stay at Mt. Rainier
    National Park for a few days, but the parts that we liked the most were staying in the San Juan Islands on Whidbey
    Island and staying in the very far northwest corner of Washington where the Pacific and the Strait of Juan de Fuca
    meet - our view across the strait was the shores of Vancouver Island in Canada.

    We went whale watching and saw several pods of Orca Whales, hiked through the Olympic and the Hoh Rain Forests
    and along the beautiful Pacific coastline, went all over several of the San Juan Islands, saw Mt. Rainier and Mt. Olympus,
    looked at these strange animals called slugs (none in Texas), enjoyed the very cool weather and met some nice people.
     We also spent the 4th of July freezing our butts off while watching the fireworks on Whidbey Island.
Mt Rainier was visible almost everywhere
we went and there are some beautiful
views of the snow covered mountains
from out on the San Juan Islands.
In the rain forests, one of the most interesting
sights were slugs.  Hundreds of slugs, about 5
inches long and very slimy.  They were light brown,
light green, bright yellow, orange, spotted (see
above) and striped.  Kendra touched them, I did
    We did a very long and hard hike from an Indian Reservation
    to the Shi Shi Beach on the Pacific Coast.  We all went hiking
    and Felicia took a short nap here.   When she woke up, she
    could not see a human and got scared, thought she was at
    the end of the world - that reminds me of a Planet of the
    Apes movie.
    Picture of the Stone family, I pulled down this tree
    and we sat on it to hold it down.  We used this for
    a Christmas card as it was the only picture we took
    all year with the three of us in it.
    Susie and Larry on our whale watching tour.  
    Larry looks really smug in the is picture - I
    wonder if he was thinking about eating a
    big fish?

    All the girls just outside of Mt. Rainier National Park.
     We stayed our first night in Washington in a Bed &
    Breakfast just outside of the park entrance.  It had
    a really good breakfast in the restaurant downstairs.
    Felicia is smiling as we went between the San Juan
    Islands looking for whales.  She was thinking about
    how fast she could pack up and move us to Washington.
    She still talks about moving to Whidbey Island.  I will
    have to take a ferry boat to work.
    This really looks like a Planet of the Apes movie!  We
    stopped at a store before we went hiking in the Hoh
    Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula.  Larry really
    needed to shave.
    A pod of Orca Whales.  We sailed for miles, but the captain knew
    right where to look for the whales.  We saw several different pods
    and they were all but impossible to take pictures of.  They would
    go under water and a few would come up for air, some jumping up
    very high.  You had to be lucky to get a good picture.  They were
    very beautiful and did not seem to be afraid of us.
Our cabin on Whidbey Island was 10
acres of large pine trees, horses, interesting
buildings and a very relaxing porch.  The
owner bought us breakfast each morning.
He was and ex-Texan
Group picture of us on a log bridge in Mt.
Rainier National Park.  We did a lot of
hiking in the gigantic trees.  The snow
from the mountain kept the water ice
cold, even in September.
    Good picture of Susie and Larry on a ferry boat
    ride or on our whale tour.  We spent a lot of time
    on the water, much of it shivering.
    Posing for pictures while whale watching.   I had to
    buy that very stylish sweat shirt at Walmart when
    I figured out it is always cold near the ocean. We
    tried to use Kendra to keep us warm by blocking
    the wind off of us.

    I am not complaining - I would rather be cool in
    July than suffering in the Dallas heat.
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Washington State & San Juan Islands 2004