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Ski Copper Mountain - February 2017
    In February of 2017, Bobby Lee, Randall and I went skiing for 2 days in the middle of the week
    in Colorado.  Our plan was to ski at Breckenridge for one day and then at Copper Mountrain
    the next day.  But plans always change and we were flexible.  
     Felicia had rented a VRBO condo in Silverthorne, Colorado, which was on I70 right between
     Frisco and Dillon, a very nice location in Summitt County.  We skied at Copper Mountain on
     day one and we liked it so much that we went back to Copper again the next day to finish off
     the rest of the trails that we did not get on day one.  Copper Mountain is very big.  Randall had
     not been skiing for over 20 years but he pick it back up in 5 minutes.
    Did I mention that we got a 3 bedroom,
    3 bath place right on the Blue River in
    Colorado.  2 feet of snow on the ground,
    a noisy, cold running river - that place
    looked nice!  

    And we bought a lot of health food & beer
    Dillon, Frisco & Silvertorne are pretty high up in altitude, all over 9000 feet.  
    It is hard to breathe when you fly in from Dallas at less than 500 feet.  When
    you go into a Walmart or Target or sporting goods store, on the end caps they
    are selling bottled oxygen to the touristas who can't breath very well.

       At the mountain tops where we got off the ski lift, we were about 12,500 feet
     high, even harder to breathe, so we did not hang around very long at the top.