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    In August of 2003 Gary Santerre, John Stangle and I went to Jyvaskyla, Finland for a week.  After our trip there, we spent
    a night walking around Helsinki and eating at a Russian restaurant.  

    Gary and I went to Copenhagen, Denmark for a night out and then to the Danish island of Bornholm, just south of Sweden
    in the middle of the Baltic Sea
Gary and I working in Finland, at Jyvaskyla,
about 150 miles north of Helsinki in the center
of the country
Me sitting in a bar just beside the canals.  We
were past the old Courthouse near the center
of old Copenhagen.  We walked down the
Stroget, Europe's longest pedestrian shopping
street.  We had a big beer, and another and
another and then found a place that served
good food,  We took the bus from our hotel,
near the airport, to the old center of Copenhagen
Gary Santerre having his big beer near the
Copenhagen canals

Sadly, Gary died Dec 30, 2005 from complications
due to cancer.  He was always fun and had a big
smile on his face.

I thought of Gary as a good friend.
Walking around the old part of
Copenhagen.  It was a wonderful
day and the everyone was out
strolling around town.

These pictures are all of the old
downtown Copenhagen on or
near the Stroget.

I must have thought it was going
to rain but it turned out to be a
beautiful sunshiny day
The Old Courthouse in the center of
old Copenhagen
===================== Week in Bornholm ======================
Gary and I flew to Bornholm, which is a Danish island in the Baltic sea just south of Sweden and just north of Germany and
Poland.  We stayed there one week and had a rental car.  We flew into and stayed in a town called Ronne.  

Our last day we drove in a complete circle around the island, seeing the old Viking castles, windmills and strange signs.  We
ate beer and drank pickled fish until we were sick of that stuff
We were driving down
the road on Bornholm
Island and I yelled
"Stop".  I needed this
for my unusual picture
collection.  Is that sign
pointing at me?
Looking at some old Viking
castles - these were all built
up high and had a good view
of all ships passing to the north
or south of the island.

This island was also used
in WW2 by the Germans
who build some large gun
turrets.  We saw these but
there was not much left to
An old lighthouse
and monitoring
Gary on the beach - It was
pretty and nobody was on it.
Bornholme is supposed to
be a popular tourist area
Finland & Denmark August 2003