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    In September of 1998, Felicia, Susie, Larry and I went on a two week tour through Europe.  We
    decided to take a group tour with Trafalgar Tours to see as much of Europe as we could so we
    could come back again later and spend more time at some of our favorite spots.  We had taken
    a tour through Switzerland earlier with Trafalgar Tours and liked it enough to go again.

    We took 2 weeks off after the peak tourist season when school had started back in Europe.  
    This was before the EU was formed so we got our passports stamped with several different
    stamps and used the local currency in each country.  Now with the Euro, I miss the different
    money from different parts of a trip.

    During our 2 weeks, we did not stay anywhere more than a few days.  We started out and
    ended our trip in London and then stayed there a few more days to see more of London.  
    We went crossed the English Channel from Dover to Calais by ferry boat and then went
    through the following places:

  • Paris for 2 days,
  • Lucerne Switzerland,
  • Milan, Florence, Rome and Venice Italy,
  • Innsbruck Austria,
  • Munich, Bonn & Cologne Germany,
  • Amsterdam Holland,
  • Brussels Belgium
  • Back to London
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We took a 2 week tour and went
to England, France, Switzerland,
Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium
& Netherlands and back to England
Page 2 of Europe Tour 1998
Tour of Europe Sept 1998