Trip to Tampere, Finland January 2015
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Link Back To Other Trips Page
    While I was out of town, Kendra took
    her driving test and got her learners
    permit.  Watch out world!  I was very
    sorry to miss the excitement, but
    Felicia kept me in informed.
    We took our friend Arto out for dinner
    and he showed us Plevna, a good
    brew pub with lots of good Finnish

    Arto and I at the Karaoke Bar where
    every song was a hard rock song
    Trinidad, Joe, Me and KJ at the
    Spanish Tapas restaraunt.  I had
    a horse meat steak and broke one
    of my teeth.  I spent the next 5
    weeks in and out of dentist.  The
    horse was good though.
    On the way to work.  It snowed
    about 1-2 inches each day