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First trip to Finland in March 1995 with Joe Begue - these are in Helsinki
    For my first of many trips to Finland, we stayed in Helsinki and did not go anywhere else.  It was March and we
    thought it was cold (the bay was frozen over) but the sun was out and all around people were putting tables out
    in front of restaurants and sitting in the sun.  People were walking across the frozen water, we were not that brave.  
    We shopped and walked all over downtown Helsinki - best souvenirs are at Stockton's Department Store.  We
    stayed at the Arctic Hotel on the water by where the cruise ships dock.  We also took a multi-lingual bus tour of Helsinki.

    We worked with a good rep, Matti Pihanttro of Novacom Oy, one of the funniest guys I have ever met-not!.
Helsinki Finland in July 1996 with Joe Begue
It was much more pleasant in Helsinki
in July of 1996.  We walked all over
town and went shopping at Stockmans
again for good Finnish souvenirs.

We stayed at the Hotel Intercontinental
across from the Olympic Stadium.
There were people from all over
the world there and everyone talked
in English
One of my favorite strange photos!  

Hey - I did not put up the sign but I could
not resist getting a picture by this.  The
entire street was lined with these signs
for about a mile.  I think this is advertising
potato chips.
Helsinki Finland in January 1997 with Joe Begue
Back again in winter, staying at the Hotel Intercontinental.  
This is across from the site of the Winter Olympics in 19xx

In spite of the cold, we still managed to walk around town.
Went north to Jyvaskyla for most of the trip.
I have not found the pictures yet, but in about 2004,
I want to Jyvaskyla with Joe Begue and Gary
Santerre and the temperature got down to -40 degrees C
( same as - 40 Degrees F)
I will post more Finland pictures as I find them, they
are lost in a closet waiting to be seen again!
Finland Trips 1995, 1996, 1997