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    In August of 2015, Felicia, Kendra, Susie, Duncan and I went to see the east coast of Florida and the Florida Keys.  
    I had never been to that part of Florida before and 1 week was not long enough.  We got very good tickket prices on
    SWA from DFW to Ft. Lauderdale.  We stayed a few days at Ft. Lauderdale right on the beach, drove down to Key
    West and spent a few days and then moved back up to Key Largo for a few days.  Weather was perfect, no rain or
    hurricanes, we all got a little red but nobody was too sunburned.
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    In Key West, we spent all day doing the fun stuff - we snorkeled off of a sunken ship, used sea kayaks, paddle boards,
    jet skis, we para-sailed and rode banana boats pulled very fast and we just floated in the nice warm water.  Plus we ate
    a lot of great fish and crab and lobster and drank well.
    We all went parasailing, thanks Susie for taking the kids.  This was really fun - Duncan was not scared but I could
    tell Kendra was nervous when she started.  She came back with a big smile though
    Also, while we were at Key West, we took a 2.5 hour
    trip to go about 70 miles due west of Key West to the
    Dry Tortugas National Park (Tortugas is Spanish for
    turtle).  We spent an entire day travelling out and back
    to the last of the Florida keys.  The Dry Tortugas
    have crystal clear water and old Fort Jefferson.  We
    snorkeled along the wall of the fort and the old
    piers and saw thousands of beautiful fish.  There is
    no water to drink there and no stores there but they
    allow camping and the rangers said there is a 6 month
    waiting list for camping there.  Only a few ships and
    seaplanes are allowed there each day.  It's the most
    isolated island that I have been to!
    In Ft. Lauderdale we hung out on the nice,
    wide, beach and went on an Everglades
    National Part swamp tour to see a lot of
    snakes, birds and alligators.  We went and
    watched some alligator wrestlers and held
    baby alligators