Germany Road Trip Oct 2008
In October 2008, I went with Ken Nelson and Larry Rexford to Germany for a very short trip.  Our German rep,  Herr
Ruediger Evers, picked us up in Frankfurt in the southwest side of Germany and drove us to Kiel on the Baltic coast
on the northeast side of Germany, about 600 km.  Kiel is a shipbuilding center on the Baltic and we went to visit a  
company  called Gedis who has contracts with the German Navy for the F125 Frigate.  We then drove down to
Hamberg and flew to London and then I flew home to Dallas.
One thing that made this long trip to Kiel interesting was Ruediger's car and the fact that we drove on the Autobahn
where there are places with no speed limits.

Ruediger has an Audi A6 station wagon with a V10 engine that puts out 525 horsepower.  He asked me what my
personal speed limit was and I told him to keep it safe - we ended up going  291 km/hour = 180 mph!.

See pictures below of his odometer and a view looking out thye side - it was a blur going by.
289 km/hour = 179 mph
291 km/hour = 180.4 mph
View out the side window at
180 mph is a blur
Kiel, Germany is a resort
town on the Baltic Sea, also
the site of large ferries that
go to Norway, Sweden,
Finland, Russia, Latvia
At Hamburg Airport I almost
got on the wrong airline and
ended up in Tehran
Click on any photo to see a larger view
Click on any photo to see a larger view