Jackson Hole Skiing Jan 2014- Page 1
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    In January, 2014, KC Coggins and I flew to Jackson Hole from DFW.  He found round trip tickets from DFW
    to Jackson, Wyoming and from Salt Lake City to DFW for $149 each R/T.  Tickets were too good to pass up
    at that price.  Plan was to ski 2 full days at Jackson Hole, long drive after skiing to Salt Lake City and then to
    ski for 2 more days at Alta And Snowbird.

    Well, he skied for 4 days, but on day two of our trip I fell on my head and shoulder and broke my collarbone.  
    We drove to Salt Lake City and I flew home and saw doctor while KC skied for 2 more days.
We stayed at the Rustic Inn
on the edge of Jackson.  It
was very nice, good price,
good bar and excellent
breakfast included.  Good
way to start off the day!
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    Both days that we were in
    Jackson, it was 0 degrees
    when we ate breakfast.  It
    warmed up quickly, but I am
    not used to starting off that cold.
There is a small ski area at the end of the main street
in Jackson.  We did not ski there but they had night
skiing which looked fun.  Maybe next time.
    X-Rays of my collarbone, it  is broken on the very tip.  I had to wear a sling for
    about 3 months