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    In September of 1991, Felicia and I were married and went to Jamaica for our honeymoon.  We
    stayed for a week at a Jack Tar Village Resort in Montego Bay.  We had a wonderful time, this was
    our first trip outside of the country together.    

    We met some good people, got sunburned, drank a lot of rum drinks and Red Stripe beer (it was
    an all-inclusive resort so we had to try out all of the drinks).  We also traveled across Jamaica,
    shopped for souvenirs and I did a lot of snorkeling and tried to windsurf while Felicia watched
    me drift off towards Cuba.
We flew from DFW into Montego Bay, which has one of the
few international airports on Jamaica.  Montego Bay is on
the northwest edge of the island, facing Cuba.
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In the 1990s, Jack Tar Villages were a pretty popular
set of resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.  The resort
area here was fenced off to keep the local drug dealers
from trying to making sales to the guests.  They were not
at all shy about selling home grown stuff and hit us up just
minutes after we had landed in the airport at Montego Bay.
Felicia and me at Dunns River Falls near Ocho Rios.  We
took a tour bus here and walked from where the water went
into the sea up to the top of the falls.  It was like a big set of
Our room was right on the beach, about 50 feet from the ocean.  I
don't think that there were locks on the doors and we saw lizards
on the patio and in our room.  There was no air conditioning, the
wind off the water was always cool.
Felicia went para-sailing (I think after 10 Bahama Mamas?).
She had always been afraid of heights but the view of the
water, the island and the coral reefs from 100 feet up was
We had plenty of good food, drinks and entertainment
every night and met up with some new friends.

During the day we spent a lot of time soaking up the
sun and cooling off in the crystal clear waters of the
Caribbean Sea.
Felicia was skipper of the sailboat of one of the moonlight
booze cruises.

15 years later Kendra has found that she likes to drive
big boats also.
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After almost drowning and getting on this wind surfer about
100 times my arms were dangerously tired.  I went about
1/2 mile off shore and was waving for help.  Felicia waved
back.  Only when the resort beach guys thought they might
lose their wind surfer did they come and save me!

If they did not pick me up I would have drifted to Cuba
I snorkeled every day in the clear water.  One day Felicia
hired some guys with a boat to take us pretty far off
shore to snorkel on the reef.  The water was so clear
and deep, the local boys could dive down about 30
feet and pick up conch shell from the bottom
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