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    In August of 2015, we got back from our vacation to the Florida Keys late on Saturday night and I flew from DFW to
    Seoul, South Korea early on Monday morning.  I had just enough time to wash clothes and re-pack my back pack.  I
    flew to Seoul to meet up with KC, who had already been in Taiwan and Japan the previous week.  The flight I took
    from DFW to Seoul is non-stop, but it was horribly long.  On our way home, KC had made our flight arrangements
    to fly away from Dallas and go to Hong Kong and then catch a non-stop flight from Hong Kong to DFW.  That flight
    was about 16 hours, but was on the nice 777-300ER

    We met with customers for 3-4 days and came back home.  An interesting thing happened while we were in Seoul and
    deciding to take a trip to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between South and North Korea - they started shooting
    missiles at each other and talking about starting the Korean War again.  We decided not to go see the DMZ and
    see something safer on our last day there in Seoul.  Other than a war breaking out, Korea was a very nice place
    that I would like to visit again when I had the time to do some sightseeing.

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    No Sightseeing Tour for Me!
    KC and I had talked about going north to the demilitarized zone (the DMZ) which is the border between North Korea and South
    Korea. We talked to some people who have taken a tour and it seems like you can get half day or full day tours from hotels in
    Seoul up to the DMZ 30 miles north of here.  However I just saw on the news that today North Korea and South Korea started
    shooting missiles and mortars at one another - so I don't think I'm going to pay to go on a field trip to see the DMZ.  I would
    really love to go make that trip but not while people are shooting rockets at one another.  Especially while one of them is nutty
    Kim Jong-Un.
    I traded in 40 euros, 100 Australian dollars and $80 (total of about $190) and got 200,000 South Korean Won (SKW).
    I got so much money they put it in an envelope for me.  The smallest SKW bill I have is 1000 SKW, which is less than $1.  
    I have been back from vacation for 1 day and am flying to Seoul, South Korea.  I have to make my way from Incheon
    Airport to my hotel in Seoul and noticed limo ride is 70,000 SKW and must be paid in cash.
    We did some other sightseeing in Seoul
    KC and I got a taxi to take us from our hotel
    to the Changgyeonggung Palace. After a while
    there we went shopping to keep the wifes happy.  
    I left my iPhone at hotel so KC took these nice
    Seoul is Gigantic
    There are 10 million people living in the special city of Seoul, South Korea and there are 25 million people living in the
    metropolitan area around Seoul.  Seoul seems to be built along a very large river, about 1/3 mile wide.  Driving through
    town it seems like there is a coffee shop on every block and maybe on every corner. Starbucks coffee is very popular here.
    Seoul is a very modern city, with excellent mass transit, and it seems very wired up.  I was able to connect on the Internet
    and cell phone in an instant when I turned on my phone. The Grand Hyatt is on a hilltop with a good view of the city and river.
    State of War- this was the headlines from the articles in the paper and on the Internet
    PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday declared his front-line troops in a
    "quasi-state of war" and ordered them to prepare for battle a day after the most serious confrontation between the
    rivals in years.  South Korea's military on Thursday fired dozens of artillery rounds across the border in response
    to what Seoul said were North Korean artillery strikes meant to back up a threat to attack loudspeakers broadcasting
    anti-Pyongyang propaganda.
    What Gate Are We Leaving From???
    If you can't read Korean, eventually
    some English will pop up on the flight
    schedule monitor.

    Seoul -> Hong Kong -> Dallas
    21 hours of travel time today to get back to Dallas.  We left Seoul about 8:30 this morning for Hong Kong, a 3 hour
    flight going away from Dallas (KC plan to get bigger better seats).  But we beat shooting deadline from Kim Kong Un
    by 8 hours. I don't think anything will happen but you never know, they seem pretty crazy and the news said that
    this is the biggest threat from North Korea for many years.
    Take the bus in Seoul
    I got to Incheon Airport outside of Seoul and
    had to find a bus and take it.  Things in Korea
    are not exactly marked in English, but eventually
    I found the sign that said Grand Hyatt and paid
    the guy who loads the bus my 16,000 Won
    Big Business Class Seats or are They Cubicles???
    Big seats that you can lay down in are nice, but
    a 16 hour flight is very painful no matter how
    nice your seat is.