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    For our 2002 vacation we went to see New England, a part of the US that we had not been to before.
    Felicia, Susie, Larry and I flew to Boston and rented an SUV to start our tour, and then got out of Boston
    as quick as we could, driving north and spent 2 weeks seeing Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire
    and Vermont.  The girls had booked us cabins on the coast and deep in the country.  We spent one
    night on an island in Acadia National Park.  At the end of the trip we swung up through New York
    state and into Canada.

    We ate a lot of lobster, seafood and pancakes and saw our share of lighthouses and covered bridges.  
    We went in mid-September to try and see the leaves changing color in New England, but missed by
    a few weeks.
Gloucester, Massachusetts.  Since records have been kept,
over 5,000 Gloucestermen have been lost at sea trying to
earn a living and feed the world.

This is where the doomed fishing crew left on the Andrea Gail
in 1991.   Later the movie "The Perfect Storm" was based
on this tragedy.
Massachusetts - our first night
we stayed on the water
Felicia, me, Susie and Larry in
southern Maine a few miles from
In Maine we took a ride on a sailing ship.  The
ship was getting ready to sail south to Florida
for the winter as they don't do too much tour
business in Maine in  the winter
While In Maine we stayed at Beloins Lodge right on the water.  It did
not look like this on the internet.  It was so hot there that we threw our
mattress off of the bed and down on the screened in patio about 5
feet from the Atlantic Ocean.  

Hello Maine, they have air conditioners now!
Beach in Acadia National Park in Maine.  The
water was too cold to stand in for more than a
few seconds.  Only kids and seals were out.
We stayed overnight on Isle au Haut  in Acadia National
Park.  We had to take a ferry boat there.  Felicia and I
won the coin toss and stayed in the
lighthouse keepers
house where there was no electricity.
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