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    In June of 2000, Matt Melester was looking for a volunteer to go to New York City for the week
    of July 4th to let the crew working for Andrew Corporation come home for the holiday.  They
    were just finishing up adding communications to the Lincoln-Holland Tunnel and were turning
    on the system before July 4th.  I was the last person still at work late on a Friday evening and
    after Matt bribed Felicia with a free trip for her to NYC, I was off.

    I spent several days working all night in the tunnels and then the Andrew crew left me there
    with a beeper on.  I picked up Felicia at Newark Airport and we spent 3 days touring the
    Manhattan area.  We went up to the top of the World Trade Center, about a year later they
    were knocked down on September 11, 2001.  We saw the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street,
    Central Park, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza, Trump Towers, rode the subways,
    ate delicious Italian food and sandwiches.

    For the 4th, the old sailing ships sailed into the harbor and the US Navy was having Fleet
    Week with thousands of sailors in uniform walking around.  We saw Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
    and the Clinton's came to town but we did not see them.

    I have just put a few of the pictures in this page.  Some of the best pictures show Felicia
    rowing me around the lake in Central Park after she decided she was a better rower than
    I was.  I let her go at it and she was a good rower.
New York City July 2000
These high up pictures were from the World
Trade Center.  It was the best view in town!