New Zealand September 2016
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     It was about 13 hours over
     water from LAX to Auckland,
     not any place to land for a
     long way.  We were able to
     go to the top and bottom of the
     North Island.

     A photo of me at the Waitangi
     Maori Center with some Maori
   Auckland is on the North Island
   of New Zealand.  It is the largest
   city but not the capitol.

   We stayed at the Rydges Hotel
   in downtown Auckland, very close
   to the piers and Viaduct Basin.  It
   was easy walking to a lot of restaurants,
   shopping and sightseeing.
     Photos of Auckland harbor area
     The photos below were take of Auckland from across the harbor.  We were at Devenport, a short
      ferry ride or a long drive away from Auckland.
     KC and Beth at Devenport.

     Apparently Tom Landry has also moved to
     Devonport after being fired by Jerry Jones
    We took a very long drive north to to Waitangi, which is the Treaty Ground where the Maori
   signed a treaty with England to make New Zealand a colony of England.  A lot of history and
     they also have the Maori Cultural Center there
  The next day we flew south to Wellington, theh capitol of New Zealand.  
   It is on the far southern tip of the North Island and is a port, surrounded
   by mountains.  A few months after we returned, Wellington received a lot
   of damage in an earthquake.
       In late September of 2016, I flew from DFW to LAX to Auckland, New Zealand and met up with KC and spent a week there.
    KC's wife also went and we worked but had a little time to explore.  It was Spring in New Zealand, a little wet and a little
    chilly but we had a good time.  We went to New Zealand in 2006, and we spent most of our 2 week vacation on the
    South Island.  On this trip, I got to see more of the North Island.     

    We worked with the RNZAF and looked at some of our systems that they are using.  We flew down to the Wellington,
    the capitol of New Zealand, located on the south tip of the North Island to meet with the MOD.  On a day off, we drove
    as far north on the North Island as time allowed and went to the Maori center up in Waitangi.