Newport, RI Trips 2015 and 2016
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    In October of 2015, I made my first trip to Newport, Rhode Island and I have been there 5 more times so
    far in 2016.  On our first trip, we flew through Providence, RI, but on the other trips we have been flying
    directly to Boston Logan Airport from DFW.  Also coming in from Boston you drive by the Cape Cod split
    in the highway.  If I get more time I would like to go see Cape Cod.
    These pics are all from October, 2015 in Newport with Clint, Paul, Larry and myself.  
    Very good seafood right on the water.  Fish right from the fishermen on the piers.  
    Newport is a big yacht town, they have America's Cup races there in summer.  Not
    so much in October.
    Chris, Les, Edgar and I eating and drinking after work,  Very nice to be down on the waterfront.  Hotel prices triple in
    July as compared to February prices.  Many bars and pubs are also closed after tourist season is over.