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A herd of reindeer
running beside the
road, We were in
Lapland and reindeer
run wild and are also
raised much as cattle
are in Texas
Brent and John arriving for work.
This was my first time on a
helicopter - that is a good way
to see deer
Shopping in downtown Kirkenes, the hat
looks goofy but it was warm and was in
style.  See the Russian writing on the
shops.  I bought some souvenirs and
stayed away from drunken sailors walking
Norway Oct & Nov 1999
We did a lot of hiking around
northern Norway, but our hikes
did not seem to last too long
because of the cold and the
deep snow.  But we did have
to take our pictures
During my stay, I drank a lot of beer from a brewery in Tromso.  The beer
was called Mack Ol, and the brewery is the northernmost brewery in the
world, about 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  When I left Norway I
packed six beers in my dirty clothes and brought them home so that my
family could drink them at our Thanksgiving Day in November 1999.  I
took better care of those six beer bottles than I did of my laptop and
all bottles made it home unbroken!
I turned 40 in Norway and we
had a big party and drank a
lot of beer, vodka and aquavit -
but then we drank a lot of beer,
vodka and aquavit every night
The old fort at Vardo is called the
Vardohus Festnig.  It has been
there since the 1300s and has
the only tree in that part of Norway.

Brent and I were standing by it
but it was already wrapped up
for the winter.  The Arctic treeline
was very far south of Vardo.
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Strange liquor makes strange
people do strange things
    I got to spend 5 weeks in Norway in the Fall of 1999 and see a really beautiful country and also meet  many really nice and friendly people.  
    We were in Oslo, Kirkenes, Vardo and Vadso.  On the way  to Kirkenes, we flew from Oslo and stopped in  the cities Tromso and Alta and
    the plane had to dive steeply to hit runways located between mountains and the ocean.  Our plane could not land at Kirkenes because of very
    dense fog so it backtracked to a small town called Lakselv and they put us on a bus.  We drove several hundred miles to get to Kirkenes, and
    saw the north coast of Europe - it was a good way to see some scenery.  We saw mountains, the ocean, fjords, wildlife, just not many people

    I scanned in and put in a picture from a postcard as it was view of an old fort in Vardo seen from the air that I could not take.  Vardo, Vadso
    and Kirkenes are all part of the county of Finnmark and are roughly 300 miles above the Arctic Circle - so it gets dark and stays dark all winter.

    Most of my trip was with Brent and Brian.  John joined us later.
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