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In March 1996, I made my first trip to the Sultanate of Oman.  Joe Begue and I flew on a nice Gulf Air jet from Manama to
Muscat, Oman.  We spent the night in Manama and ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  Stayed in the Gulf Hotel in Manama.  
That was my first trip through Bahrain.

In Muscat, we visited the gold souk and I practiced my negotiation skills on jewelry and T-shirts.  I learned in Oman that if
you put enough water in the desert, you can grow anything.  Very nice looking green grass and trees for 10 feet on the side
of the road and then dust for as far as you could see.

When we were not working we saw the Suq, the harbor in Muscat and climbed on some old Portuguese towers used to
guard the coast.
Me with Joe Begue looking for some big
shrimp - he still owes me a big shrimp dinner
In the background you can see an old
Portuguese watch tower and a modern tower
of some sort
Joe Begue and our rep for Oman told me over and over that there was
something strange about the men that wore the pastel colored robes.  I was
never sure if they were telling me the truth or not.  There sure seemed to be
a lot of guys wearing yellow, pink and light blues and greens!
The port in Muscat,
I collect money and
brought home some
Rials.  The Rial looks very
nice and of course it has a
picture of  Sultan Qaboos,
the Sultan of Oman,
On the rial is a picture of the curved Khanjar dagger that is also seen on the flag.  This is a
national symbol of Oman.  I wanted to buy one in the souk but I was afraid that airport
security would freak out and I would not be coming home on time.  The Khanjar dagger is
unusual in that it has a very big curve, almost 90 degrees.  Plenty of Omanis wear these
around on the streets
=============== Second Visit to Oman = 1997 ==================
In July 1997, I made went to Oman for the second time with Joe Begue.  We were in Athens and we met up with a fat guy
named Jim Kramer to travel on towards Oman. We flew on a Gulf Air jet again and stopped in Dubai.  Jim asked Joe to carry
his Andrew Kintec videotape and Joe was searched at gunpoint and we had to wait in the airport while they watched the
entire tape.

In Muscat, we stayed at the Hotel Intercontinental, visited the gold Suq again drove a long ways down t he coast south of
Muscat.  Again, I was impressed by the many Portuguese towers on the coast and how far the Portuguese had come,
sailing all of the way around Africa to the Middle East..
Another of the many old
Portuguese castles or towers
along the coast, still being used
it looks like.
Wooden dhows are still built by
hand as they have been for
hundreds of years.  This is the
port of Muscat
Another picture of the Sultan of
Oman on the wall.  His picture is
every where and the people
seem to like him very much
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Muscat, Oman March 1996 and 1997