In the summer of 1996 Felicia, Susie, Larry and I went down to Padre Island, Texas on the Gulf of Mexico.

We sat on the beach for a day, then found a place where we could rent a 4 seater dune buggy.  We had a
lot of fun on the dune buggy, driving for miles down mostly empty beaches.  The beaches might have been
so empty because of the thousands of jelly fish washed up on shore.  We spent hours taking turns driving
up and down the beach and we went out of our way to run over as many jelly fish as we could.
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What we did not think of until it was too late was that
whoever was sitting in the back was getting spattered with
jelly fish goo.  After a few hours of getting splattered with
jelly fish and burnt by the sun, we all started burning really
badly.  The locals felt pretty sorry for us and we got a lot of
home remedies like aloe vera  plants, using vinegar, urine,
cortisone, etc.  We spent a miserable evening at home
burning the night away.
Cool dune buggy had a front &
back seat and was fun to drive on
the road and on the beach
I also went on my first bungee jump here.  While we were eating at a
beach side bar, we watched happy people jumping off a huge crane
that was labelled as Texas' highest bungee jumping.  Many of the
people jumped, screamed, bounced and went back over and over
again.  It looked safe, there was an air mattress the size of our house
under the crane ( see it on the right side of this picture)

After dinner, for some unknown reason, I decided to bungee.  All went
well until the crane lifted me up pretty high and the giant air mattress
now looked the size of a post-it note.  I got very scared and would not
jump, nor would I let them push me off even though they tries pretty
hard.  I was holding up business.  After 5 minutes, I finally closed my
eyes and dived down headfirst ( I was tied at the feet to the bungee
cord).  I screamed and did not open my eyes until I felt safe.  After that
all was good.
Susie and Larry
In town she never wants to drive, in
the dune buggy she never let me
Felicia on the beach
Padre Island, Texas 1996