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    In December of 2008, I flew to Ontario Airport in Los Angeles to begin a drive to Palmdale, California.  What started
    out to be a simple and quick trip became a pretty complicated trip because it snowed in the desert area around
    Palmdale and Lancaster, closing the pass between LA and the Antelope Valley.  The sheriff  there said it had not
    snowed in 20 years.          

    For some reason I had been given a very large Cadillac Escalade 4WD SUV for just me.  That turned out to be very
    lucky for this trip as I really needed the 4WD.  When the car rental rental place told me that the passes to get from LA
    into the Antelope Valley were closed due to snow I thought the trip would not go off very well.  I spent the afternoon
    and night in a hotel at the airport watching the news about the unexpected deep snow.   The next morning I waited
    in line on the highway with a lot of kids going snowboarding and I drove through deep snow across the pass.  I was
    one of the first cars through the pass and was putting down the tracks on the roads.  I had to call back to work several
    times to work out a route into Palmdale.

    When I got to Palmdale, my host and I went to Fed-Ex to pick up a transit case but nobody but the manager had
    come in to work because of the snow.  He said that the workers lived over the mountains in LA.  He let us take my
    case and put it in the SUV.  Overall, I was only about 30 minutes late for our meeting and visit was sucessful, we
    sold a lot of gear from that trip.        
Snow in Palmdale December 2008
    Looking north from hotel at the mountains
    covered with snow.  Notice the palm trees
    at the hotel.