Poland, Belgium & UK Dec 2013 - Page 1
    In December of 2013, Larry Rexford, Ron Sizemore and I flew from DFW to the UK and then to Warsaw Poland.  
    We spent 4 days in Poland, then met up in Brussels, Belgium for 2 days and then back to the UK for 2 more days
    before returning to Dallas.  I have been to Belgium before and the UK many time, but Warsaw was new territory
    for me.  While we were there in Warsaw, the people of Kiev began their protests which eventually led to the
    Ukrainian President running away to Russia and to Russia moving into the Crimean Peninsula.
    Lots of small shops serving
    pierogis, beer and Polish
    Pictures below are in Brussels, Belgium which was all decorated up for Christmas.  Very beautiful!
    The Polish zloty.  Yes,
    thats right - the zloty is
    the currency of Poland
    First plane that I saw in
    Poland - you know it will
    be a fun trip when you
    see a name like this