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    In August 2013, Larry Rexford, Ron Sizemore, Greg Tate and I flew from DFW to Miami and then to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a
    week to attend a conference and visit with the Brazilian Navy.  To show my wife and sisters where we were, I kept a blog of our
    trip using my iPhone as camera and blog editor.  It is hard for me to type on an iPhone, but it is an easy way to update the blog
    every day without having to get your PC connected.
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    this trip and others.
    We flew from DFW to Miami and then had a 9 hour night flight from Miami to Rio de
    Janeiro, Brazil.  The plane landed at 8 AM this morning. Rio is pretty big, the girl sitting
    next to me on the plane told me Rio has 12 million people here but it is second largest
    city on Brazil behind São Paulo.

    Because city was built around a big bay and in and around many mountains, and
    because city was started 500 years ago, roads are not big, not long and traffic does
    not move very fast. There are many cars and taxis with scooters bravely driving
    between the moving cars. It was exiting. We noticed that unlike many other large cities
    in the world, there was almost no horn honking?? Maybe Catholics are more polite?
    There are several famous sights that people take good photos of in Rio (note that I took none of these). Famous sights include
    Christo Redentor on Corcovado Hill, Sugarloaf Hill, both of those together taken from a helicopter and the beautiful bay and beaches.
    Things I Did Not Know About Brazil

    Brazil is very large - it is the fifth largest country in the world by size  (USA is #4)

    Brazil also has the fifth largest population in the world  (USA is #3)

    Brazil has some big cities. For comparison, the state of Texas has 25 million people.
    São Paulo has 20 million and Rio de Janeiro has 12 million.

    Brazil has the biggest rainforest and the Amazon River is #1 or #2 in size.

    Also, Brazil and all of South America is not directly south of Texas. Most of Brazil
    is east of the US east coast (see map)
    I took all of these pictues while looking out of my hotel room at the Copacabana Beach which is very wide, very long and very clean looking.
    Someone in charge of our Texas beaches should come here to see a real beach.  I was expecting the normal seaweed and brown beach.
    This is nice, the Avenue Atlantica runs along HHS beach and I am staying at the Marriott Hotel on the Avenue Atlantica.

    On the beach, they have soccer goals, volleyball nets, lights for playing at night and we saw some wonderful sand castles.  Evey morning,
    young kids and teenagers were playing soccer on the sand.  These guys are soccer nuts.  World Cup Soccer is here in Brazil in less than 1 year
    Both of these photos are of the famous Copacabana Beach.  Looking off to the right side, the next beach over is the famous Ipenema Beach
    Me and "Ross" by 1 CGEM sign. Ross works for RC Brazil. 1 CGEM is short
    for "1st Conferencia de Guerra Eletronica da Marinha" which is Portuguese
    for First Navy Electronic Warfare Conference.

    We were at Rio de Janeiro Navy Base for two days.  The conference was held in
    Portuguese although a few people did presentations in English.  Ross did our
    presentation in Portuguese and did a good job.  Thenext day we met with the
    Navy and got to talk in English.
Ron Sizemore, Greg Tate, Larry Rexford and Ross.
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