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    In October of 2017, I flew from London Heathrow to Bucharest, Romania to begin a week of
    meeting  and working on the Black Sea coast in the city of Constanta.  I went with Mark who
    had been there a few time previously so I felt better about that.
Romania Black Sea Coast - October 2017
    Is this french fries? No
    Fried green beans?  No
    How about some good fried minnows.  I ate half of the bowl and
    they were not bad.  I think of all the minnows I have bought as bait
    to catch a bigger fish, I could have been eating minnow all along
    Where in the world is Romania?  It is in far eastern Europe and borders
    the Black Sea.  Its neighbors are Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia
    and Bulgaria.  We flew into the capitol city of Bucharest and walked
    around to see some sights, eat and have a few beers.

    The next day we rented a bright blue van and picked up our equipment
    and began a 3 hour drive east to the city of Constanta on the Black Sea.  
    During the summer, Constanta seems to be a very nice, crowded and
    popular beach resort.  We were there in the off season so many hotels,
    bars and restaurants were closed for the winter, it was unusual seeing a
    large town closed for the year.
    Photos of Constanta.  It is a very old port town and was used by the Greeks several
    thousand years ago.  They like sausages and beer so I was happy.
    Romania is full of busy farms growing all kinds of produce.  They have bright green
    John Deere tractors, red tractors that I took to be Russian and they also work the
    farms by hand and use quite a few horse carts.  Also a lot of shepherds tending to
    flocks of sheep, to goats, cows and horses.  Some shepherds were good at their
    jobs, some let their animals stay on the road.
        On my last day in Romania, we got up early, got in our trusty blue
    van and drove from Constanta back to Bucharest.  From Bucharest
    we flew to London Heathrow.  I stayed in a hotel at the airport and
    Mark drove home.  The next morning I flew from Heathrow to DFW.  
    I like to bore people with pictures like this, it helps pass the time in
    a 10 hour trip.  
    Click on maps to get a better
    view of the geography.
    In the old town part of Bucharest.  Many shops,
     pubs, outdoor cafes.  People like to sit and people
     watch.  It seemed to be very safe.
     Romanian money is
     called the Lei.  It was
     about 5 lei for 1 dollar.  
     No that is not Obama.
     Our trusty blue van got us around
     Romania without any problems.  It
     was a good idea for our trip
     Sunrise looking east
     over the Black Sea from
     our hotel in Constanta.  
     Second pic is the same
     scene during the day and
     then me on the boardwalk
     next to the beach.
     This was interesting.  On our first
     day in Constanta, we had to work
     with a grass fire burning on 3
     sides of us.  This guy was trying
     to put out the fire