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    In Feb 2010, Steve  Chandler and I flew to Midland and drove with Bobby Lee to Ruidoso.  We made it in 4.5
    hours in Bobby's old reliable 4-Runner, which is pretty good time.  Leslie had rented us a 3 bedroom cabin in
    the middle of Ruidoso.  There was more snow at Ski Apache than there has been in 3-4 years, so we had a
    good 55 inch base to ski on.  Weather was warm and we  had the mountain to ourselves on Friday.  There
    were not too many people there on Saturday either.

    We took Steve down almost every Blue Trail run that is on the mountain.  It is the fastest way to learn to
    ski, jump over the edge and start skiing.  He did good for having only 4 days of skiing experience.

    When we left, it had snowed in town and there was a thick cloud sitting on top of Sierra Blanca peak that
    we could still see from 100 miles away as we drove back to Midland.  It was a fast trip and we were a little
    sore but nobody got hurt.
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At the end of 2 days of
skiing, Bobby slid
several hundred yards
down an icy Black Trail
and stopped just short
of hitting trees and rocks.  
That is why he does not
look too happy here.  

Maybe he should leave
the Expert Trails to the