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    In May of 2015, Felicia, Kendra and I went to San Francisco.  I had been through there quickly over 20 years before
    and have been to San Jose and Sunnyvale many times, but they had not seen San Francisco and I wanted to
    see more of the area.  We went over the long Memorial Day weekend.
    We had a great time, ate good food and saw all of the tourist sites.  We also decided that we could never afford to
    live there.  It was a wonderful trip.  While we were there, Kendra's friend Katrina drove up to stay with us.  She lives
    about 90 miles south of San Francisco.
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    We stayed at a Courtyard by Marriott about 1 street over from Fisherman's Wharf so it was really convenient to hit up
    the good food and see a lot of the Fisherman's Wharf area.  That was a good plan, we walked or took trolley cars.

    We had to buy sweat shirts and jackets as it was in the mid to high 50'sand we could feel the cold of the San Francisco
    Bay.  We took a tour bus on our first morning there and the bus driver told us that next to tourists spending a lot of
    money on seafood, they spent money buying jackets to stay warm. I knew that it would be 30 degrees cooler there than
    in Dallas, but the warm clothes that I bought with me were not enough.  Our bus tour took us through the different
    San Francisco neighborhoods so that we could see what we wanted to do and how far it was from our hotel.  We
    drove along the bay, drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, a small town on the far side of the Golden
    Gate Bridge.  We had planned on riding bikes across the bridge, but a bus ride was as far as we got.

    One of the things that I had looked forward to was eating some good seafood at Fisherman's Wharf.  There
    were plenty of great fish and crab places but you could just buy fresh, steamed or fried crabs, lobsters, clams
    and fish right off the street from the street vendors.  Some pictures of me eating - I ate clam chowder at 4
    different places, and ate Cioppino, a seafood/crab/scallop soup that San Francisco is famous.  
    I had cioppinio  at 3 different restaurants.
    After Katrina went back home, we took a tour of Alcatraz.  Everybody told us to book the tours online and early
    and its good that we did.  While we were waiting in line to board the boat to Alcatraz Island, they announced
    that tickets were sold out through the following weekend.
    We drove down Lombard street, the crookedest street in the world (and also very steep!)
    and then spent an evening shopping and eating in Chinatown.  Very interesting and busy
    neighborhood with lots of new sights, smells, shops.  Kendra bought things very cheap
    but I did not think we could take them home on the plane with us.
    Alcatraz was a great tour, but we had
    to wait about an hour to get on the boat.
    It was chilly on that island, just 1 week
    before June.  I hope Kendra learned
    that prisons are not nice places to be