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Spring Break Santa Fe Skiing - March 2019
    Spring Break at UNT - March 2019, Felicia and I took Kendra and Conner to Santa Fe for a ski trip.  
    In Ft. Worth we picked up Susie and then we met up with Bobby Lee at Taco Villa in Lubbock.  
    We took Felicia's 4WD Jeep and it was pretty crowded.  I got out and rode with Bobby in Lubbock.

    We made the traditional pit stop in Muleshoe, TX to take pictures and walk around some.

       Then the very long drive from Muleshoe to Santa Fe.  Felicia had rented a giant 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom
        house in a walled compound at the end of a long dirt road with mean looking dogs.   I think a drug lord had
        lived there before.  Bobby Lee and I got there first as the 4 girls with Google Map kept getting lost and
        going around and around.  So Bobby and I went into the house and proceeded to set off the burglar alarm.  
        We could not stop the alarm, the owner of the house did not answer the phone call so the Santa Fe police
        drove up to find us inside of the walled drug compound.  After 30 minutes of a loud alarm, Felicia was able
        to contact the owner and get the code to turn off alarm.

         Skiing conditions on day one were perfect, sunny and Sante Fe had just received the biggest snow dump
        of the year.  On day 2 it started snowing as we drove up the mountain and it never stopped all day.  Skiing
        at the top of the mountain was only for the brave of heart, as we could see about 15 feet in the hard snow.

        It was Conner's first time skiing so she fell down 100 times.   But she went to the top of the mountain and
        skied down with Kendra and Susie.  I have some good GoPro videos to send her some time of her first time
        getting off a ski lift, falling a few times and then skiing down to the lift again.
 Keep skiing Conner.

       On the way home, with a jeep and a car, we encountered very high winds between Lubbock and Ft. Worth.  
        It was very hard to drive, and very hard to see through some thick fog.  Had a great time on this trip.  Google
        Maps shows a 10 hour drive from Dallas to Santa Fe, but it took us over 12 hours each way.   
Link to our YouTube Page with Santa Fe Skiing March 2019