Trip to Spain and Scotland May 2014
    In May of 2014, Larry Rexford and I went to Madrid, Spain and then to Edinburgh, Scotland.  Spain was nice but we did not
    stay for long or have enough time for much sightseeing.  We had 4 days in Edinburgh and it was wonderful.

    We flew directly from DFW to Madrid, stayed for all of one day and then were off to Edinburgh for the rest of the week.  I did
    not get to see any more of Scotland than the city of Edinburgh, but it makes me want to go back for a week or two to look
    around the country.  The people were very nice, food and drinks were great, sightseeing was great.
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    Plenty of castles, sheep and
    kilts to go around.  I bought
    some nice cashmere scarfs for
    Felicia, Kendra and my sisters.

    A lot of the guys did wear kilts.  
    I saw kilts worn as uniforms,
    business suits, for weddings
    and just casual wear.
    It's May here but Scotland is still pretty cool, it seems like it
    rains quite a bit here, everything is green as the greenest
    grass.  This morning in the middle of May, it was in the 30s.

    In the middle of May it's still daylight at 10 PM so you can
    tell we are pretty far up north.  Even though we are up pretty
    far north, we are still in the very southernmost part of Scotland,
    not too far above the border with Great Britain.

    From where I'm at I can see the North Sea about half a
    mile from us.  It's called the Firth of Forth.  I can see ships
    and offshore oil derricks going out into the North Sea.
    The Royal Mile is the name of the street that leads up to Edinburgh Castle.  
    It is very old and has been built over many times.  Is is very touristy now,
    with many shops for wool, cashmere, Scotch Whisky and t-shirts.
    Edinburgh Castle is in the center of town, seems to be the highest point in town.  The city of Edinburgh built up around
    the castle.  There is a lot of history there, you can spend the whole day going through the different museums and crawling
    through the different parts of the castle.  This castle is to the Scots what the Tower of London is to the Brits.