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Good Sheep & Goat Pictures - October 2019

        Some Good Sheep & Goat Pictures
 Here are some good photos of sheep and goats.  We have been to some places that have seem to have as many sheep as people such
 as New Zealand and Ireland so ended up with a lot of pictures not posted before.
      I took this in Jerusalem
      I took this in New Zealand
      I took this in Ireland
      I took this in Ireland
      I took this in Amman, Jordan
       We took these in New Zealand
in 2006.  We were told there
are more sheep there than people.
     He followed me home
      I took this in New Zealand
     We went to the Puck Goat Festival in Ireland
     Why was this in my
  hotel in Korea?
     Tampere, Finland Jan 2015
          Australia, July 2013
          Romania, Oct 2017
          Australia, July 2013
          Te Anau, NZ, 2006
   The Goat Tavern, London, 2014