Taos, NM Skiing March 2015- Page 1
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    In March, 2015, I flew to Midland from DFW.  Bobby Lee and I drove to Taos, it took 8 hours Midland to Taos.  
    We had a very nice condo in the middle of Taos, close to food and shopping (thanks Leslie).
    We had two excellent days of spring skiing, but I think that if we had gone a few days later, the snow would
    not have been very good.  It was very bright, not cloudy and there were no lines at any of the ski lifts.  We were
    very lucky that it snowed a lot 3 weeks before we went and then 2 days before we skiied.  Plan for next year is
    to ski in January or February.

    No broken bones this year, just sore muscles.  We made a lot of runs, I could barely stand when we were done
    each day.  I had a great time
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    Since Bobby had never been to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge,
    I took him there on our first afternoon in Taos after we had rented
    our skis.  It is just 10 miles outside of Taos and is one of the
    highest bridges in the US.  Very nice, I read that it is about 550
    feet above the Rio Grande.  I did not know that Bobby is afraid
    of heights like that and I know that he did not like the way the
    bridge shakes when an 18-wheeler truck zooms by.  It is good
    for some photos and should be seen whenever in Taos.  I did  
    not take the 3 photos below as I did not have a helicopter or
    plane, but the bridge looks better from the air than on the bridge.

    When we were done looking at this 500 foot deep hole, we went
    a half mile away to a brew pub for a few beers.  Whoever thought
    serving beer next to a deep gorge does not have your safety in mind!
    We dressed in light ski coats for 2 days.  
    It was sunny, sometimes we skied so
    hard we were sweating, at other times it
    was pretty cold.  A few crazy guys were
    skiing without shirts on, I did not see any
    girls skiing in bikinis.
    At left is the new Kachina Peak lift at
    Taos, opened this year.  It adds 50%
    more skiable area, however it is all
    double black diamond areas, not even
    any trails
    Also at left here is a fresh avalance
    in the Kachina Bowl.  Early in the
    mornings, you can hear the ski patrol
    guys setting off explosives to trigger
    slides so the skiers are safe during
    the day.  
    Picture at far left is a very crusty
    blue trail that we went down.  The
    bumps were icy and bigger than
    we had thought.