UK Road Trips Jan 2008 - Page 1
In January 2008, I went with Ken Nelson, Clint Schreiner and Clint McLaughlin to the
UK for a week to work with Darren Allery.  We went to Lincoln for 3 nights, then London
for the rest of the trip.  We also went to Blanford which is SW of London and then to
Abbey Wood near Bristol.
We stayed at an old
lodge outside of
Lincoln.  It had about
20 rooms, a good bar
and a great
restaurant.  This is
really roughing it!
In Lincoln, you can see the Lincoln
Cathedral and the Lincoln Castle.  
Also the old streets that wind down
the hill.  We ate for a few nights at the
top of the hill.  I have climbed drunk
up that hill many times before after
going on pub crawls down the hill.
Ate lunch in a different pub every day.  
This pub is south of London near
Arundel Castle and has an old
thatched roof.  I had on my long
raincoat, glad to have that week.
Darren said that this old castle, south
of London, is very famous for being
very complete and being lived in for
almost 1000 years.  This is Arundel