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    In October of 2017, I flew from Dallas to London Heathrow to begin a week of meeting and
       training customers.  Matt picked me up at the airport and drove me around all week.  After
       spending a week
UK, we flew to Bucharest, Romania for another week of work in Constanta,
on the Black Sea coast.
UK Trip - October 2017
This Land Rover was our ride in the
UK.  It held our equipment well, drove
good and was more fun than driving a car.
       And Matt did all of the driving!
       We stayed for a few nights in Reading and
then drove on to Salisbury to stay another
few nights to visit Boscombe Down.
Here are photos of Salisbury,
the old square filled with shops and old pubs.  
       The square is at the entrance to the old part
       of the city where cars are blocked off making
       it easy to walk around
Some photos of the Salisbury Cathedral.  
One of eight copies of the Magna Carta
       is at the cathedral.  The
cathedral also
has Britain's tallest spire.  It was too late
       to go inside while I was there, but the
       outside was very impressive
       Village of Cheddar at the Cheddar Gorge.  Cheddar Village is
       where cheddar cheese was first made, the cheese is aged for
       months in the caves in the Cheddar Gorge which keeps the
       cheese cool all through the year.  There are also caves in
       nearby Wookey Hole (I just like saying that name).  Also nearby
       is the small town of Shepton Mallet, where I had been to visit
       during a trip to the UK in the 1990s.

       Special thanks to Matt and Jacinta for taking me sharing their
       house for the weekend and taking me touring on their weekend
       off.  We went through the Cheddar Gorge to Wells to see the
       Wells Cathedral and the Bishops Palace.

The photos below are from the Wells Cathedral and the Bishops Palace next door.

       Most Texans don't know this, but historically in the UK having a
       cathedral within your town limits makes you a city.  So Wells bills
       itself as "England's Smallest City".  There are very large towns,
       but there are a few small places designated as cities because of
       their old cathedral and Bishop.