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    In Feb 2016, Steve and I flew to Salt Lake City to go skiing with Susie and Scott, who had been working in Utah
    all week.   We skied at Alta Ski Area on Friday and because it was pretty crowded, we skied at Snow Basin near
    Ogden on Saturday.  The snow was good both days, just a few inches of powder, which is just right for me.

      I have liked skiing around Salt Lake City, snow is very good, many choices of where to ski, several places that are
      for skiers only and lots of close by accommodations.  See link above to skiing at Deer Valley in 2013.
My Sister Peed Under a Truck - Alta & Snow Basin, Utah February 2016
    On our second day of skiing, Susie quit an hour early and sat in the bar,
     maybe had a few beers.  Driving back from Ogden to SLC, there was a car
     wreck and we had to sit on the highway for 45 minutes.  After a while, my
     sister had to go to the bathroom but we had steep cliffs on both side of us -
     stuck with nowhere to go!  Since we had all turned off our cars, SUVs and
     18-wheeler trucks, a nice truck driver told Susie that he had side skirts and
      mud flaps on his 18-wheeler truck and she could go under the trailer.  
      So she did.  Dozens of cars all around.  Very classy Susie.  She told him
      she was from Texas, like she does this every week in Texas?
     When we got to Alta, I stared down the mountain,
     the glint of sun in my eyes.  Steve smiled at the
This guy at DFW airport looks a little like VH Stone
      In Salt Lake City,  we took a nice tour
       of the Morman Temple area and then
       drove around the city, eating lunch at
       the Green Pig