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    Some funny photos that I have taken in Finland
WTF Finland?
One of my favorite strange photos from Finland!  

   Hey - I did not put up the sign but I could
   not resist getting a picture by this.  The
   entire street was lined with these signs
   for about a mile.  I think this is advertising
   potato chips.
   I do not know about the trash cans that
   are on the main street of Tampere, Finland.
   They certainly get your attention.  
   Finns are much more liberal than we are in
   the US.  Maybe you are more likely to throw
   your trash in an interesting trash can?
     I zoomed in on this sign at Pancho
    Villa Mexican Restaurant in Tampere.

    First off, if you are from Texas, do
    not go to Finland and eat Mexican food.  
    See zoom in - if you take a Mexican
    menu written in Finnish and then translate
    it to English, Swedish and Russian, you
    may have lost something in the translation.
    A Big Mac is how much?  
     Even for 2 Big Macs that
     is too much!
     I would like to know what these signs say.  The Finnish language
     has some very long words
     There are a lot of very cool old cars in Tampere.  
     Some look better than others, some are in work.

     Don't know about the name on that boat
     I think I saw Ozzy
     Osborne walking in
     downtown Tampere.
     A rock on a stick.  This
     looks really dangerous
     but nobody got hurt.

     I always eat a good
     Viking meal when I am
     in town