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In September of 1997, Felicia, Susie, Larry and I flew into Salt Lake City and rented a 4WD SUV to go
see Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons.  I think that this was the first of some very good trips
we have taken together.  We hiked through Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks, spent several
days at Jackson Hole, saw a lot of good wildlife that we do not get to see in Texas and took a white water
raft trip down the Snake River.

These pictures are from Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.
This is Felicia's favorite cabin picture - it is in Driggs,
Idaho on the backside of the Grand Tetons.  We were
really by ourselves in a small cabin and on the lookout
for bears.
On the Snake River, we put on wet suits to try and keep
dry & warm.  We had a professional guide and went on
medium hard rapids.  Felicia pulled a guy back in the raft
after he fell out and was holding on to the side.  You can
see him falling and hanging on in these 2 pictures taken
by the always present picture guy who wants to sell you
pictures - we bought some it looks like
We saw many deer, elk, buffalo and a moose.  Felicia kept count on a piece of paper, she really
wanted to see a bear, but in some of the places we were hiking, I was not sure we wanted to see
any bears.
Felicia high up at Jackson Hole
Ski Area is not afraid of heights
any more.  She got very brave
or very curious.
A giant potato in Driggs, Idaho at the Spud Drive Inn.
I think we took this picture because that looked like
one of my fathers old trucks.
Yellowstone & Grand Tetons September 1997