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    The pictures below are from a ship tour to see the glaciers and wildlife in the Kenai Fjords National Park south of Seward.  We took a
    7 hour tour.  When there is 20 hours of daylight, it does not seem like you spent all day on a boat.  It was very cold out on the water with
    floating ice, glaciers and snow all around and ice cold waterfalls on all side of us
    See pictures below of the ice breaking off of the end of the glacier and falling into the water.  This process is known as "calving" and results
    in very loud noises and also some big waves and big floating ice. The glaciers are moving forward at several inches a day and the pieces at
    the end are under a lot of pressure and eventually fall off into the water.  Some of the calving sounds like a gunshot.  It is hard to tell from these
    photos, but the ends of these glaciers are several hundred feet tall, ships can not get too close safely, so sometimes you see the ice break first
    then hear the loud noise of the breaking.
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    Yes, we paid $10 to get cheesy photos of us
    getting on a boat.  It may be the only time all
    3 of us get in a photo together.  

    We took a tour of the Kenai Fjord  National
    Park out of Seward to see glaciers.  A few
    days later we took a similar tour of the
    Prince William Sound leaving from Whittier.  
    They were worth the time and money.