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    In November of 2003, we flew to Little Rock, Arkansas and then drove north to the
    Ozarks near the town of Boxley.  Felicia and Susie had rented two cabins in the
    woods by the Buffalo National River.

    Bob and Lily Lander went with us as did my father Victor Stone.  Kendra also went.  
    Larry had to work and missed out on some good hiking and sightseeing and elk
    viewing.  We also went into two different caves in the area.  Drove north to Branson,
    Missouri and turned back around.

    The Buffalo National River area is full of very steep bluffs carved out by the river.  It
    is also the home a several herds of elk that have been transplanted back to Arkansas.
Daddy, Bob, Lily, Susie, Kendra
and Felicia trying to hitch a ride.
Daddy, Susie, Kendra and
Felicia beside the river.  This
is a very good picture of him.  
The river is a very popular
canoing river.
Hiking in the woods, Kendra
is in the best shape and is a
good hiker
A good picture of Daddy.  I think
that this was his last family vacation.
Hanging out in the cabin.  These
were really rustic cabins and were
pretty hard to get to.  I would like to
go back.  The cabin we were in
had an upstairs loft
All of us hiking.  We want into a
cave where we should not have
taken Kendra.  She got scared.  
She was the smartest one of us!
My father and me walking through the cave
Arkansas Nov 2003