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Ski Trips 2008 - Breckenridge & Santa Fe
Snow goggles and a
warm face mask can
make a miserably cold
day turn into a great ski
day.  We did not look
cool but we were as
warm as can be.
Breckenridge has very
wide trails, some are
mixed blue and black
trails.  Good learning
mountain.  It is also very,
very big with a lot of fast
ski lifts.
    Santa Fe, New Mexico   March 2008
    In Mid March, Felicia, Kendra, Susie, Larry & I flew to Albuquerque and drove up to Santa
    Fe for 2 days of skiing during spring break.  This was sping skiing, lots of sun, nice and
    warm.  It was also spring break skiing and there was a busload of kids from every church
    and school in Texas and Oklahoma here when we were.  Kendra is 9 years old, this her
    3rd different ski area (Steamboat Springs, Winter Park, Santa Fe).
    Breckenridge, Colorado Jan 2008
    In January 2008, Bobby Lee and I went skiing for 2 days at Breckenridge, Colorado.  It was a
    very good trip, we had a nice condo in nearby Frisco with a 9 mile drive from Frisco to
    Breckenridge.  It was very cold but the snow was good - 3 to 4 inches of new snow our first
    day.  Bobby is going to buy a pair of goggles after this trip.  When we go back again, the name
    of the condo was the Moose Lodge Condo at Ten Mile Island.  In Frisco there is a ski rental
    place and some good eateries.