It is cold in Dallas and it is cold and raining here in the UK and I am wearing my new coat/raincoat today. My
      old coat was apparently accidentally donated to a church in Rowlett to help out the recent tornado victims so I
      had to buy a new coat for this trip.

     One of my sisters said I should write a blog about all the coats and jackets that I have had to buy on travel
     and where I bought them.  So here it is -

     Note this does not count the many times that I have suffered through the cold because I would not buy another
     new coat.  The times that I was a dumb ass and did not bring a coat or believed somebody who told me it never
     snows in Seattle.  

Long Wool Overcoat for the UK.
     Felicia stopped on the way to the airport and made me buy a long wool overcoat before I went to
     Christchurch on the south coast of the UK for a month. I did not want to buy it or carry it on a plane, but I
     was very glad we had bought it once I got there and was staying right on the English Channel.

Fleece in the UK.
     Back in the mid 1990s when fleece jackets first came out, I went to Bournemouth on the south coast of the
     UK for 2 weeks and the continuous chill of the ocean finally made me relent and buy a fleece jacket.

San Francisco Tourist Coat.
     It only cost $15 but it is warm and seems to be waterproof.  Bad thing is it has San Francisco design logos
     on it so you know I am a tourist.  They make a fortune from us cold touristas!

Did Not Know It Got So Cold in Italy.
     In Florence, Italy we had to buy extra gloves, scarfs and a wool cap for Kendra while we were on a Spring
     Break trip. It was much colder than anticipated.  We might have bought some warm things for us too.  

July in New Zealand.
     Fleece jackets for the whole family plus I bought a nice vest.  It was summer in Dallas, winter in NZ.

Sweatshirts on the 4th of July.
     It's cold on Whidbey Island, even in the middle of summer so the whole family went to Walmart to buy
     sweatshirts.  Again, we were very close to the cold water.

Umbrella in Zurich.
     You can't stay dry when it's raining - we kept that umbrella for years as a good memory of a good trip.

Bathing Suit at the Dead Sea.
     You don't get a chance to float in the Dead Sea every day - so I bought a cheap bathing suit (hopefully not
     used) from a roadside vendor selling things from the back of his car in Jordan. We went swimming in the
     Dead Sea for two hours and then spent 2 days rinsing the salt off.  Threw bathing suit in the trash there.

Cheapest Coat at Walmart.
     It is A
pril and warm in Dallas. It is April and below freezing and windy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  You feel
     stupid because you have 5
really nice coats at home and none with you.  Get the cheapest thing you
     can get to make it through your trip

Umbrella in Paris for Kendra.
     It started raining and we paid the
unprepared tourist rate of 3X the tourist rate but we all got under it.

Form Fitting Hip Huggers in Israel.
     I had to buy new pants, 2 new shirts, socks & such in Tel Aviv after I showed up but my luggage did not.  
     One shirt is a beautiful design and I still get compliments on it every time I wear it!  There was not a very
     good selection of pants in Israel, so I gave my new hip hugger pants to Goodwill the same day that I got
     home from my trip.

New shoes at the Payless in Santa Fe.
     After somebody stole my shoes off the top of the locker at the ski center
I had to rush into Santa Fe and buy
     shoes just as the stores were closing.  You can't shop in Santa Fe after about six pm, everything seems to
     close. Cheap and fast shoes that I still have 8 years later.

Tee Shirts and Ball Caps.
     Have them from every place I go to on vacation.  Felicia says I get the same color tee shirts every time.

Clothes Shopping in Jyvaskyla.
     When your luggage gets lost on the way to Finland, you need to know your pants size in centimeters,
     nothing is marked in inches.

Clothes I Have Bought on The Road