In September, 2005, I flew to Cairo with Keith Goodsman so that we could meet with the Egyptian
    Navy at their headquarters in Alexandria.  We worked with Tamer Kamal at our Egyptian rep
    company, Alkan Consult.  It was a fast trip, we spent several days in Cairo with Mick Ransome,
    the Marketing Manager for Middle East & Africa.  Mick has been going to Egypt for 35 years
    and always stays at the Cairo Marriot downtown and everyone there knows him.  He has a certain
    table that he sits at all day, drinking beer and eating peanuts by the pool.

    Spent a few days working 2 hours a day, then drinking beer and eating by the pool. Then it was
    arranged that we should meet some very high up Navy people.  We drove to Alexandria along
    the Desert Highway, met with the Navy and gave our technical presentations.  Mick talked for
    10 minutes, Keith talked for 10 minutes and I talked for 3 hours.  We talked to Admirals,
    Commodores and about 12 very tough engineers in the EN EW Department.  Spent another
    days sitting outside by the pool drinking beer (please note that we had to drink a lot of beer
    in an effort to not drink any killer Egyptian water).

    The last night there, Alkan took us out to dinner on the Nile Maxime, a Nile River cruise.  We
    saw several belly dancers and then a Whirling Dervish dance.  Since we were done, we left a
    day early on Thursday at 2 AM and went to Heathrow, Chicago and then DFW.  We missed
    our flight in Chicago because of a delayed overseas trip.
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    On our last night in Cairo, Alkan Consult arranged
    for a cruise up the Nile on a dinner boat.  The food
    was good and the entertainment consisted of belly
    dancers and a Whirling Dervish who kept spinning
    around for over 20 minutes,
This one was the boss
View of the Nile River in
downtown Cairo from the
Marriot Hotel.
Whirling Dervish - he spun
around continuously to very
fast music for over 30 minutes
without falling over
Egyptian 1, 10, 20 and 100 Pound notes.  Very colorful (and dirty)
Cairo & Alexandria Egypt Trip September 2005
Keith Goodsman and his
friends from Alkan