2005, April 7 – 15th                Trip to Cairo

    I Went with Plano Microwave (PMI) division of Sierra Nevada Corp (SNC) and the USAF from Greenville and Wright Pat AFB
    to Cairo for a System design review on the Egyptian Air Force C-130 ELINT program (EES).  

    I traveled with Brad Marcum and Brian Weyant from PMI, Rita Salmons and Carrie Davis from Air Force, Chris Richards from
    Lockheed Martin Denver and ______ from USAF at Greenville.  We stayed in condos in Maadi, a rich and green neighborhood
    of Cairo.  The condos were provided by the US Embassy at no cost to us, they were nice and guarded 24/7.  

    While we were in the air Thursday night, there was a suicide bombing in Cairo at the Khan al Kahlili shopping area where I have
    been several times before.  We had been scheduled to visit the Khan al Kahlili shopping area on Saturday - were advised not to!

    Instead, on Saturday, we went to see the pyramids at Giza, the Sphinx, a perfume factory, a papyrus factory and the Egyptian
    Museum.  While we were at Giza, we took a long camel ride, I got to run my camel.  Our driver was very good, he worked for
    SEAVIN, and name was Magdy.

    We flew from DFW to Frankfurt to Cairo on Lufthansa, and took the same route back to DFW.
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Just hanging out with the Sphinx -
I had lost my sunglasses that day
so I think my eyes were shut in
every picture that I have
I had to smoke a water pipe and
of course someone had to take
a blackmail picture
The camels were mean and smelly
and each one had a camel driver -
probably the richest guys in Egypt.  
They spoke good English, Japanese,
Chinese, French, Spanish,
German, etc. - you need to speak
a lot of languages to get rich
From these 2 pictures you can
see how big the block of the main
Giza Pyramid are, roughly 4
feet by 4 feet.  

The people in this picture are
only up 4-5 blocks high to look
inside a passageway into the
Cairo Egypt Trip April 2005
Chris Richards,
Carrie Davis and I
took a Pyramid tour and
the touristy
camel ride