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    On the way to Jerusalem we passed through many small towns,
    some them controlled by the Palestinian Authority.  This is one
    of those towns.  My thought were that the Palestinian towns were
    very dirty, not well kept up and had a lot of graffiti
    McDonald's in Israel - I stuck
    with coffee.  Me and Ronen
    The road to Nazareth where Jesus grew up
    and lived.  We could not go here safely as it  
    is under control of the Palestinian Authority.  
    Same way with Bethlehem.
    Waterfall that was at the headwaters of the
    Jordan River.  The Jordan River serves as
    the border between Israel and Jordan and
    also feeds the Sea of Galilee.  It is the main
    source of fresh water in Israel.
    Me and Ronen Schatz in Northern Israel.  In the background
    you can see the snow on Mt. Hermon, the tallest point in Israel.
    Mt. Hermon is on the borer with Lebanon.
    On the way up north we stopped and climbed around on the
    Nimrod Castle which was built by the Crusaders in the 1100s
    to control a mountain pass.  It was high upon a mountain
    with good views of the valley below.  
    This is the Druse village in the most northern part of Israel where we stopped and had a
    delicious lunch.  This was the best Hummus we had on our trip.  You can see Mt Hermon
    in the background, so this was a big time ski area - just not the kind that I am used to.  
    We drove up to the ski area and guys with Uzis told us it was closed for the day
    The New Israeli Shekel
    is the currency in Israel.  
    Here are 20, 50 and
    100 Shekel notes.  In
    early 2006, each Shekel
    is worth about 25 cents.  
    It is interesting to see that
    it is written in Hebrew
    and in Arabic.
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