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    In January 1997, Joe Begue and I went to the UK for a few days, Finland for a few days and then went to Lisbon,
    Portugal.  We went from Helsinki to  Frankfurt but our next flight leg was cancelled because the plane crew did
    not show up.  After waiting 4 hours, we were told the flight was cancelled and that we were on our own.  Joe's
    luggage did not show up and he had to put in a notice for that.

    We then found a flight to Portugal on Air Portugal whose planes have a picture of a chicken  on them.  Chickens
    do not seem to fly very far!

    We made it there and got to do sightseeing around Lisbon.  We drank a lot of Port wine and had dinner one night
    in a Gastronomia - they butchered, sold and cooked the meat in one store.  Dinner does not start until 9 or 10.

    A highlight of  the trip was drinking in the Officer's Mess of the Portuguese Army.  They started us drinking at
    about 10 and presented each of us with a big medallion coin.
Our main competitor - Condor
Lisbon, Portugal  January 1997