Paris and London - August 2014 - Page 1
People watching at Picadilly Circus in London
We had great weather!
It was cool & rained for
less than one hour for
the two weeks we
were on our trip.

That led some girls to
buy 18 Euro umbrellas!
The 2 photos at right and above
right were at the Place des Voges
in the Marais area of Paris.  This
is a 400 year old park with 9
houses on each side and
considered on of the most
beautiful in Paris.  

Kendra wanted to eat bread and
cheese in the park (thanks Clint).  
That was one of my favorite meals
in Paris.  We also picked up some
peanut flavored cheese puffs by
Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London
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Our big vacation trip for 2014 was to spend a week in Paris and a week in London.  Felicia, Kendra, Susie and I spent the middle two
weeks of August sightseeing in two beautiful cities and avoiding the Dallas heat.  We wanted Kendra to get to visit more of Europe.  
Felicia found out that it would cost us less to fly into and out of Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) in Paris than flying into and out of London,
so we went to Paris first and we took the Eurostar train from Paris, under the English Channel to London and then back to Paris.  We
started and finished our trip in Paris.  If you look at our vacation photos from Sept 1998 and you will see that we went to a lot
of the same places in London and Paris, but on that trip, we crossed the English Channel by boat with Susie and Larry.  The boat
left the UK from Dover (we saw the White Cliffs of Dover) and landed in France at Calais.  The Eurostar was nice and fast, but I liked
crossing on the ferry better.
We started off our sightseeing in Paris by using the open top, double-decker bus tours, where we could hop on/off at any stop.  We took a boat
tour on the Seine River through the center of Paris, we learned how to ride the underground Metro trains all around town.  We hired two pedi-cabs
to drive us from the Eiffel Tower to the center of the Louvre, racing through the busy afternoon car traffic.  We also walked for miles and miles.  
In spite of my aching back, we covered a lot of ground.
In Paris

The French people understand
how to take it easy, walk slow, play
and lay on the grass in their large,
beautiful parks during the middle
of the weekday, so we tried to
keep up and lay down as much
as possible.

We ate a lot, had too much coffee
and wine and I laid down any time
that I could.
On our first days in Paris, we stayed at the Hotel Du Midi on Avenue Rene Coty (below) in the Montparnasse area, just south of the Luxembourg Gardens.
Our hotel was close to a metro and RER station and right by the Catacombs and was  about 1 mile south of the Seine River.  The photos above show us
laying down in the Luxembourg Gardens.  The area around our hotel was filled with cafés, bakeries and sandwich shops.  We had a lot of croissants,
wine, beer and cappuccino and let our 15 year old kid wander around the neighborhood by herself (I guess that I have not watched the movie Taken enough).
Some things we did in Paris:

  • Go to top of Eiffel Tower
  • See central Paris from double decker buses
  • Take the Metro all over the city
  • Eat a meal of bread and cheese in the park
  • People watch from the outdoor cafés
  • Drink a lot of coffee and wine
  • See the Arc de Triumph
  • Walk & shop along the Champs Élysées
  • Visit the Louvre (closed every Tuesday!)
  • Decipher menus and try to talk to waiters
We walked for many miles, but central Paris is fairly small.  When we got tired of walking, we took the underground Metro to save time or we just sat down
and had a drink and watched people walk by.  There are a lot of visitors to Paris in August and it is a very diverse city we just enjoyed watching people stroll
by, ride their mopeds or bikes around.  We wanted to rent a bike to ride but we never did.  You can rent them all over town and drop them off at a different
location than where you rented the bike.  

Kendra had saved up money all year so she did a lot a shopping and got some very good deals on clothes and souvenirs.
Train to London
At right is the Gare Du Nord Train Station where we got on the high speed Eurostar train for a
2 hour trip to London, going under the English Channel through the tunnel.

Taking the Eurostar was convenient for us because we it was faster than going in and out of
airports and it begins and ends near the centers of downtown London and Paris, so we picked
close by hotels.