International Military Restroom Rating Guide
    Military Restroom Rating Guide

    I have not seen a guide like this in any travel guides so I will provide a quick rating of restrooms found at military & MOD
    headquarters around the world. I have been in over 20 locations and consider myself something of an expert. Here is
    ranking from best to worst.  Went into one of the worst today at Indian Air Force Headquarters. Even more Purell hand
    sanitizer needed.

    Norwegian MOD ***** 5 Stars
    UK Royal Navy
    UK Royal Air Force
    Finnish Air Force
    German MOD
    Finnish Intelligence Research Establishment
    Israeli Air Force
    Swedish FMV HQ
    Royal Singapore Air Force
    Polish Air Force
    Portuguese Army
    Hellenic Air Force (Greece)
    Bahrain Defense Force
    Royal Jordanian Air Force
    Omani Army
    Indian Army HQ - did they have a war that I have not heard about?
    Taiwan CSIST
    Egyptian Air Force
    Royal Thai Air Force - no soap and water from the sink was scary brown color
    Egyptian Army
    Indian Air Force HQ - no soap or paper towels.  Also 10 points off for bare exposed AC power wires and toilet laying on side.
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