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    In early March of 2018, KC and I flew to Durango, Colorado and stayed at his house in
    Pagosa Springs.  We skied at Wolf Creek Pass for 2 days  and then skied at Purgatory
    for a day.  It was a very quick trip, 1 day to plan and buy tickets but I got to stay at a
    very nice cabin in southern Colorado for free.  We had a good time.  There was no snow
    in NM or Colorado in Dec 2017, Jan and Feb of 2018 so when it finally did snow, we had
    to go fast.  Here is a link to Green Briar Ranch in Pagosa Springs if you need a nice
    place to stay in the San Juan Mountains in southern Colorado.
Ski Wolf Creek Pass and Purgatory - March 2018
    Photos below of mountains between Durango and Purgatory Ski Resort.
     Relaxing at KC's cabin just outside of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  
     Lots of room, very quiet, good views of the mountains, lots of
     summer activities.
   Some photos of Wolf Creek Pass.  There was about 70 inches of snow,
    but they had just had first big snow of the year 1 week before this
         Bar stop in Pagosa Springs.  February was Porter month so I had a Bacon
      Porter - it sucked but I stood by the sign anyway